Hunter Landed
Hunter Interior

The Hunter is a unique vessel found on Planet Minertha. It comes

The Hunter Firing a Focused Wave

equipped with a highly powerful Focused Wave and a very useful Gravity Tether. It has high damage with low attack speed and high health.

It is also notable as it contains a medical vendor and an energy vendor.

Strategy Edit

The hunter is powerful against stations due to the increased damage of focused wave against stations and planets. It can also damage them from outside of their attacking range with careful aim.

The Gravitational Beam is also very useful as it stops a target from taking any action for up to 10 seconds when channelled. This can prevent enemies from fighting back during a team battle, waste Raptor Overloads and interrupt boarding procedures.

The Hunter also contains vendors useful for resupplying after a fight, including a medical vendor which has GIT testers and Antibodies. The Energy Vendor has Rubble Clearing Devices which are useful in the event you are fusion bombed and the door seperating the cockpit and the vendors can be permanently locked by the Janitor.