Every player, including the mutant/alien/android, has a secondary role. These offer small bonuses and can change the way you play the game. For example an Alien Captain has the opportunity to lock unsuspecting victims on the Swagger as easy prey.

Ace Edit

The Ace starts on the Albadar and increases the attackspeed of ships he pilots.

Captain Edit

The Captain starts on the Swagger and has an item allowing the locking or unlocking of doors on the Swagger.

CEO Edit

The CEO has a robotic butler that functions as an additional 3 inventory slots.

Commissar Edit

The Commissar starts with a unique pistol item and the chance to be promoted to Rebarch later in the game.

Doctor Edit

Doctor has 3 possible subtypes:

•Gravitational doctor has 10% faster ship movespeed.

•Biology doctor has increased health and mana regeneration

•Optics doctor has an increased vision range

Engineer Edit

The Engineer begins with a Wrench and a Service suit in their inventory. They also have the Doorhack ability allowing them to temporarily lock doors or unlock janitor closets. If the Calipea spawns the Engineer will spawn on it.

Janitor Edit

The Janitor has a keycard allowing access to several "janitor closets". The keycard can also be used to lock one door permanently, however not even he can unlock it. Lastly he has the ability to rummage through crates to find unusual items such as inventory scanners and illicit tetrabin.

Private Edit

The private has increased attack range and starts with a random suit from any purchasable from a vendor.

Medic Edit

The medic begins with a medkit, CCS and blood tester allowing early testing and good survivability in early encounters. His innate ability to cast heal as a priest only adds to the survivability and utility.