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This is a wiki dedicated to Metastasis, an old warcraft 3 map. This will probably die. is already dead.

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Metastasis is a Who's the Killer type of game. Assuming you have all 12 players there are 9 humans, 1 alien, 1 mutant and 1 android. It is the goal of the humans to destroy the alien and mutant, while the alien and mutant each have to destroy everyone else including eachother. The android is on the human side by default but can be turned to the alien or the mutant if they get its remote control.


Metastasis takes place in a small sector of space controlled by the United Security Initiative (U.S.I). There are several stations as well as a planet and moon in the sector. You directly control one character who can subsequently control stations and smaller vessels, as well as travel through space and to other stations.

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